LEARN@PolyU (理學網)

“LEARN@PolyU (理學網)” is the official name of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Learning Management System

LEARN stands for: Learning, Education, Administration and Resources Network
and reflects the aims/functions of the system. Specifically;
- Learning: from the student perspective, it facilitates learning
- Education: from the university perspective, it supports our education
- Administration: it also supports administration functions e.g., assignment submission etc.
- Resources: it provides various learning resources for students
- Network: last but not least, it serves as a “network” of information/resources and people (students/teachers) i.e., many-to-many connectivity

The Chinese name is consistent with the English name. Its meaning is
highlighted as follows:
理: reflects PolyU’s identity and image; it also means management i.e., 管”理”
學: reflects the main purpose of the system i.e., LEARN
網: reflects a “network/web of information, resources and people”
(NOTE – this was the winning entry to the Naming competition held in 2011 and submitted by Dr. Henry Chan (COMP))

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